Common Computer Repair Services

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Here are some of the more common computer repair services In-A-Dash Computer Repair® performs for our customers on a regular basis.

List of Common Computer Repair Services:

Data Recovery and Data Transfer

Common Computer Repair Services Data-Recovery-ServicesOur technicians can perform Data Recovery services for you. We have the experience and tools to save your files in the event of a hard drive failure or accidental deletion. We transfer your files from old computers to new computers or old external hard drives to the cloud. When it comes to data, trust us to help you. Our technicians take a personal interest in retrieving your data. You will work one on one with the technician which is crucial when it comes to data transfer and data recovery.

Wireless Network Setup and Wireless Network Repair

Common Computer Repair Services Wi-Fi-Wireless-NetworksYour networks need to be quick and secure. We have extensive knowledge in networking thus we can quickly optimize and secure your network. When you think of common computer repair services you may not realize we handle networks of all sizes including wired and wireless networks for residential and businesses.

Microsoft Windows Repair

Common Computer Repair Services Microsoft-Windows-RepairIf your Microsoft Windows operating systems needs repair we can help. We handle all Windows repairs as well as all versions of Microsoft Windows. Sometimes when Microsoft Windows downloads updates it creates issues. Also our techs can re-install drivers and other software. If your having problems with your Microsoft Windows on your computer then give us a call we are happy to help.

Slow Internet Repair

Common Computer Repair Services Slow-Internet-RepairIs your internet down? We use the internet for everything from entertainment to banking, thus we all rely on it everyday. From time to time your internet may slow down as a result web pages may not open correctly. If your internet is down or loading slowly we have the tools and the training and can help you get up and running fast. Slow Internet Repair is one of our most common computer repair services.

Email Setup and Email Repair

Common Computer Repair Services Email-repairIf you need to access your Email easily and securely we can help. Our technicians can assist your Email setup by creating an account as well as connecting clients to the account. This will allow you to easily read and write your Email securely. If you use COX, Centurylink, Gmail, Yahoo, Live, Comcast, GoDaddy or any other provider our technicians can help with your Email setup.

Virus Removal

Common Computer Repair Services Computer-Virus-RemovalIf you catch a virus it’s unfortunate but we can help. We can remove the virus from your computer as a result your computer will be safe to use again. Calling us quickly is very important because the virus can continue to cause damage to your computer.

What if your computer won’t turn on or boot?

Computer-wont-turn-on-or-bootIf your computer won’t turn on or boot up we can help. Despite what you may think many times the issue is not permanent. For example your computer may be trying to install an update and then it hung up. In that case many times we can manually install the update and get your computer up and running. When a computer won’t turn on it is a broad symptom that can have customers in a panic. Do not fret many times it is a simpler fix than you would imagine.

Printer Install, Printer Setup and Printer Repair

Printer-Install-Printer-Setup-Printer-RepairPrinters can fail in many ways mostly we find that connection issues are the cause. We repair all types of printer connections. Would you also like to share your printer on your network which will allow all the computers in your home or office to print easily? We install and setup most brands of printers and we can recommend specific printers for your needs both for home or office.

Slow computer repair

Slow-ComputerIf you have a slow computer it may just be due to background programs. You may just need a tune-up as a result your computer will perform much better. We can analyse your computer for you and determine exactly why it is running slowly. Then we can optimize your machine to ensure it’s working at it’s peak performance.

Those are just some of the common computer repair services we can help you with.

We also perform many other computer repair services in addition to these. We can help you install specific software programs for your business. Our technicians also complete hardware upgrades on computers. If you have a specific task you would like accomplished give us a call, we are happy to discuss it with you.

We even install business specific peripherals such as CNC machines and X-ray machines. In-A-Dash Computer Repair technicians are very familiar with CRM programs such as Salesforce and Act! Do you need help with Adobe products? We have you covered. Our techs are familiar with the Adobe Creative Suite as well. We’ve worked with vector art, CAD, and even ancestry programs like Family Tree Maker.  Don’t let your accounting slow your down, let us get your Quickbooks or Sage program running perfectly so your team can collaborate. If your business is running a server we can help keep it up to date and running smoothly. We have experience working with Windows Servers, Domains and can even help you with your websites.

In conclusion the techs at In-A-Dash Computer Repair have been helping customers and small businesses since 1998. We have over 4,000 customers and are more than happy to assist you. Please give use the opportunity to be your IT department. Call us today to find our more.