Data Recovery and Data Transfer

by In-A-Dash Computer Repair®

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We can perform Data Recovery and Data Transfer services for you. We can move your data from your old computer to your new computer. If your old computer is not working, we can still transfer the data.  A Data Transfer will usually take less than one hour. Data Recovery times will vary.

What is data and why would I need Data Recovery?

In the computer world data is the information which you created, downloaded or saved onto your computer. Whenever you save a file you create Data. For example, when you take a picture and save it to your computer you have created a data file. Also, if you type up your resume and save it, you have created a data file. Altogether their can be thousands of data files on your computer. Therefore, to move your pictures and documents from one place to another you need to transfer your data. If you accidentally deleted something, or your hard drive has broken, you will need data recovery services.

Data Transfer

When you purchase a new computer, you need to move your data to it. We can transfer your data for you. Data Transfer is a precise process. Your computer is unique to you. What you saved is one of a kind. Where you saved it and how you saved it is specific to your computer. We have been performing Data Transfer services for over 20 years. We know where to look even if you cannot remember and can provide you peace of mind when our experienced, background checked, technicians work one on one with you.

Data Recovery

Our technicians can perform Data Recovery services for you. You will need Data Recovery if you accidentally deleted your files, or your hard drive has failed. If your computer won’t turn on we can diagnose the computer. You only need recovery services if your hard drive inside of your computer has failed. It is rare that the hard drive fails though it does happen. Give us a call we are happy to discuss your situation and provide you with the correct service.