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All mobile appointments from In-A-Dash computer repair include:

  1. 7 days of free follow-up phone and remote computer support.
  2. Free anti-virus software and installation on your computer.
  3. Diagnosis or tune-up of all your computers without separate charges.
  4. You will get a 6-month warranty on all computer repairs we perform.
  5. We’ll install your printers and other hardware with no separate fees.

We have the simplest pricing in the business. In-A-Dash Computer Repair’s mobile labor rate is only $99 per hour. Our on-site service appointments have only a 1 hour minimum. There are no trip charges in our local areas.

We can perform many of your repairs such as:

  1. Data recovery and data transfers
  2. Wireless network repairs
  3. Windows repair
  4. Slow internet connection repair
  5. E-mail setup
  6. Virus removal
  7. Computer won’t turn on or boot
  8. SSD upgrade
  9. Printer repair or setup

Click here to read more about our common services.

Curious about something not listed? Just call, we will be happy to discuss it with you.

Computer-Repair-QuestionsBest of all by choosing a locally owned and operated computer repair company, you may see savings of over 60% on common service calls.

Why would you pay another company “flat rates” for repairs which are averaged with worst case scenarios?

In-A-Dash Computer Repair hires technicians who are not scared to multi-task! Get your money’s worth! Have him check out all your computers while he is there. We can diagnose, repair and tune up all of the computers in your home or office.

Have your neighbor bring their machine over too! Remember, unlike most of our competitors, our services overlap. Our repair technician may be able to diagnose, backup, update and repair many of your computers in an hour!

We do not charge “tutorial fees” if you ask a question while the In-A-Dash Computer Repair’s technician is working. Again our pricing is very simple. He’s your personal repair technician while he’s there and you can ask him questions or have him repair many issues.

What should you expect during your appointment with In-A-Dash Computer Repair?

Computer-Repair-AppointmentFirst your computer repair technician will call you, usually about 30 minutes prior to his arrival. After he arrives he will perform a quick safety check. The safety check includes the security of your machine as well as your network. This only takes a few minutes. After the safety check the technician will address your main concerns, also if you have a written list of what you would like resolved and any questions you have it can be very helpful.  The technician will quickly handle each issue with you. He will also help you to prevent it from happening again.

If any recommended repair would take more than the initial 1 hour appointment minimum, the technician will create a complete estimate for you. The technician may also create estimates for recommended upgrades or updates for you. After you review the estimates with your technician you can approve the additional work. We will also save the estimates for you so you can decide to have the work performed at a later date. This way there are no surprises and you always know what the cost would be upfront when your working with In-A-Dash Computer Repair.

Why choose a mobile computer repair service?

At first it may seem simpler for you to bring your computer in to a shop. However this is not always true. Here are some very important reasons to choose mobile repair:

1. Many computer repair shops have a receptionist who works at the front counter.

This is not the case when you choose In-A-Dash Computer Repair services. You are going to work one on one with the technician from beginning to end. Many times the receptionist at the front counter is not a computer technician. This is important because you would need to explain the issue with your computer to a receptionist first. Then later, the receptionist would need to explain it to the technician. At another shop it could take days, sometimes even a week or more, before the technician gets the information about your computer. Also, in many cases, a receptionist will not remember important things you have explained. You can completely avoid a miscommunication by choosing In-A-Dash Computer Repair mobile service.

2. The computer repair technician may have additional questions.

If you dropped it off with a receptionist at a shop the technician may need more information. They would need to contact you for answers. If you miss the call, they may move on to another project delaying your repair. You would then need to call that shop and give your answer to the receptionist who then would need to explain your answer to the technician. You can avoid this annoying back and forth when you choose In-A-Dash Computer Repair for your mobile repairs.

3. It is faster and more convenient for you when we come to your location.

Your time is valuable. Why waste it by having to unplug your computer. Then you would need to load it into your car, find a shop, park, and wait in line. Then you will need explain the computer’s issue to the receptionist then again to the technician when he calls back. Even with a laptop, many customers forget their power cables or password sheets when they bring it in. You can save yourself the headache and lots of time. We will schedule a specific time slot for the technician to come to you. Everything the technician needs to work with is already in your home or office, he will bring the tools and talent.

4. What if your computer isn’t actually what’s causing the issue?

You connect your computer to many peripherals, such as printers, mice, keyboards, routers and modems. Any of these peripherals can contribute or cause the issue with your computer because they require drivers and software to operate. Therefore the peripherals become part of your computer. If you only take your tower or laptop to a shop you are only getting part of your system diagnosed. However, when you schedule an on-site computer repair appointment with In-A-Dash Computer Repair, we can diagnose your machine and make sure we solve the root cause of the issue.

5. Lastly, and most importantly, for your own safety and security.

All of our mobile computer repair technicians are background checked and insured. Many shops do not background check their technicians. It is not a requirement for shops to do so. Is access to your machine restricted after you drop it off? Is your computer kept secure at all times even at night? Do they even have a safe? Unfortunately the answer to these questions may be “no”. Shops may just take your computer with all your passwords, pictures, tax returns, and access to your bank accounts and just put it on a shelf in the back room until they work on it.

Keep your computer safe, keep it with you, keep it at your location. We come to you.

Thanks again for giving In-A-Dash Computer Repair the opportunity to serve you. We are a locally owned and operated business. We have the training and support from manufacturers and developers. This ensures our technicians can get you up and going as fast as possible. It really is the best of both worlds for a great price.

Finally, thanks again for looking and choosing In-A-Dash Computer Repair.

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In-A-Dash Computer Repair
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 710 reviews
by Don McConnell on In-A-Dash Computer Repair

Very satisfied with In-a-dash computer repair service. I had a problem logging onto a particular website even though all other websites were available normally and I could access the same website on my iPhone. In-a-Dash sent a computer technician to our house later the same afternoon. Within 45 minutes he solved the problem and we regained access. He also scanned the computer for viruses and checked the system. Very responsible and professional service.

by Lew Stookey on In-A-Dash Computer Repair

by Diane Hagemeyer on In-A-Dash Computer Repair

We have been a customer for 2 1/2 years and will continue to call when we have any issues. I appreciate the prompt/professional service and the respect that Matt has shown when working with us.

by shirley huff on In-A-Dash Computer Repair

by Karen Short on In-A-Dash Computer Repair

Matt re-arranged his schedule so he would be able to come out to my home.
He set up my new computer and transferred all my data from my old computer. He was very professional. I highly recommend him.

by Mabel Heeter on In-A-Dash Computer Repair

This company has fixed all my issues whenever I call them.

by Martin Sword on In-A-Dash Computer Repair

Thank you for being so responsive and getting my laptop clean and faster.
Marty Sword

by Dee Monsonis on In-A-Dash Computer Repair

My problem was fixed immediately and James was so professional.

by Dee M on In-A-Dash Computer Repair

by Cynthia Ross on In-A-Dash Computer Repair

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