Slow Computer Repair

by In-A-Dash Computer Repair®

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Needing slow computer repair or having a freezing computer is a very common symptom. The root cause can be difficult for untrained computer geeks to find and repair but, our computer repair technicians are very well trained in all the different aspects of computer hardware and software which can cause issues.

Telling a technician you have a slow computer is like telling a mechanic your car is running rough. It is a symptom. The slow computer could have one or many issues which are causing it to run slowly. Finding each of the issues and getting to the root cause is something that takes patience and training.

What does it cost for slow computer repair?

Many other companies will tell you they do not charge to diagnosis your slow computer. Sounds good at first, but are they really going to take the time and effort to be sure the diagnosis is complete and accurate? If so what price are they going to charge to fix the slow computer?

Most of the time free diagnosis is just a gimmick because the price of the diagnosis is rolled into the repair. Sometimes they will charge you for the diagnosis if you do not pay for their expensive repair. The saying still holds true “nothing is free”.

We are very upfront, simple and fair with our pricing. Many times the computer repair technician can repair your slow computer in that first hour! While the other companies are trying to sell you an expensive repair we are already working on solutions. You will be glad you chose In-A-Dash Computer Repair® because we can give you accurate pricing after doing a thorough diagnosis. That’s why we have the best warranty in the business.

We backup our work with a 6 month warranty on any repairs. We also provide 7 days of free follow up support via phone and remote connection at no charge. That is how sure we are that we can fix your slow computer the right way the first time.

As always give us a call with any questions we are glad to help. Thank You.