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We also perform on-site computer repair services in your home. This, by far, is the most convenient way to have computer repair services performed. An on-site computer repair technician is able to work one on one with you when he or she comes to your home. You have the technician’s complete attention and focus to repair your equipment. Appointments are readily available and flexible. All of our on-site computer repair technicians are background checked and very experienced. They work quickly to diagnose, resolve and prevent future issues. On-site computer repair services are very affordable. Schedule your appointment today. You’ll see why thousands of customers have realized our 5 star service is the way to go.

Why is on-site computer repair more convenient?

A technician coming to you is much easier, versus the inconvenience of bringing your computer into a shop for repair. There are many reasons why.


First, you do not have to drive to a shop, wait in line, then explain the issue to a receptionist.

Secondly, with our on-site computer repair you are working one on one with the technician. Therefore, you do not have to spend days missing and returning phone calls with a shop, waiting to receive your diagnosis or authorize repairs.

Thirdly, the repair in your home is more thorough and conclusive.

For example, how could the shop test your home connection if you brought your computer to a shop because it will not connect to the internet at your home? As a result, your computer might work just fine at the shop but not in your home. This is true for all your peripherals: printers, wireless connections, keyboards, mice, scanners and routers. All those components together create your system. Bringing only part of your system to a shop never allows them to see the complete picture of your system. Having a tech come to you allows him to run all the tests and be much more thorough.

How much does on-site computer repair cost?

$99 per hour. There’s a one hour minimum, after the first hour you are only billed in 15 minute increments. Most on-site computer repair appointments are 1 hour or less. If you are working with a technician for 1 hour and 15 minutes you would only be billed $123.75 (1 hour and 15 minutes of labor). Parts, if needed, are additional. You will receive a written quote for any required parts before committing to any repair. We do not charge any “trip charge” for showing up and you are not billed for the technician’s travel time. You are only billed for the actual time the technician is working on your systems and consulting with you about your options.

How does on-site computer repair pricing compare to shop pricing?

We cannot speak for all shops, but generally, shops charge per machine and then per repair. Surely this adds up very quickly.

For Example, A shop charged $49 to diagnose 1 computer and then $100 for 1 repair. The total cost with them was $149.

However, the same repair was done by our on-site technician within the first hour only $99!

Our technician could also check your network security settings, and probably tune-up 2 or 3 additional computers in that hour.

Our on-site computer repair technicians are not scared to multitask. Get your money’s worth! Have our tech work on all your computers while he/she is there. Have your neighbor bring their machine over too! Remember, unlike most of our competitors, our services overlap. You are only billed for the time the tech is working with you, and not per machine. Also, we do not charge “tutorial fees” if you ask questions while the computer technician is working. It’s very simple, the tech is your personal repair technician for as long as you would like them to stay.

How long does it take?

Usually we can have an on-site computer repair technician to you the same day. If you schedule later in the day it’s likely we can have them to you the next morning. Appointment start times are set for a two hour window. We do this to allow for traffic conditions and varying appointment lengths. Our two hour window for the technician’s arrival is much smaller rather than many other service providers. Even better, the technician will always call you with an ETA about 30 minutes before they arrive. Most on-site computer repair appointments are about an hour long.

What is the warranty?

6 months for any labor repair, as well as 1 year on most parts. Yes, 6 months is an extremely long warranty period for the industry. We can offer that because we are confident in our repairs. We will entirely resolve the issues. In addition, we provide 7 days of follow up support via phone and remote connection after an on-site computer repair appointment. We do this to make sure you are absolutely completely satisfied with choosing us. Local technicians perform all follow up support. They have hands on, in the field, experience. We do not outsource the follow up support to other countries. The followup support technician will have accurate and up to date notes about your recent on-site computer repair appointment.

In conclusion our on-site computer repair services are faster and more thorough. Our on-site computer repair services can save you money. Our warranty is very long and our followup support is outstanding. Give us a call today, we are more than happy to discuss how we can help you. Thanks again for looking.