Email Setup and Email Repair
In-A-Dash Computer Repair 

If you need your email setup, or if you need your email repaired we can help. Many things can cause email issues. There are a lot of settings that need to be working correctly. For reliable email you need to have an email client or web based hosting. A secure internet connection to the server and, of course, your password.

Personal Email Setup

Our technicians are fluent with all the major email providers. We work daily with Gmail, Yahoo, Cox, Aol, and many more. Standard personal email setup is a common task for our technicians. Do you need help with a hacked email account? We can also help you recover your passwords if you lost or forgot them. Don’t risk loosing the email address that you’ve had for years. We can recover most passwords and get you logged back in quickly. Do you have multiple email addresses? If so, we can show you amazing ways to stay organized, while keeping your work emails and contacts separate from your personal emails and contacts. Give us a call today with your questions.

Business Email Setup

In-A-Dash Computer Repair® provides email services for small to medium sized businesses. We also offer cloud based business email services.  Our mobile computer repair technicians can assist you with any email issues your having.

Do you need a domain name for your business for a professional email address? Email addresses with a personal domain do not instill confidence in your clients. Let us get you setup with an email address that relates to your business. When you have a professional email address your emails are secure and so are your employees’ emails. You will also have the ability to add or remove emails addresses for your employees as they join and leave the company.